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Good Boss, Bad Boss. Manager or Leader?

These are terms that are exchanged quite often when individuals reflect on their current managers as well as previous ones. So what sets them apart? It is only a matter of personal opinion? Or are there legitimate consistencies amongst managers who are considered great?

Being a manager or leader in multiple capacities, even prior to starting and growing our team here at Gro HR, I can definitely attest that there are similarities in managers that both I have had over the years, as well as ones that I have adopted that have worked well.

Here is what I found:

Real Leaders Care. Period.

This does not refer to caring only about person performance in the workplace, or asking the same questions every Monday about how their weekend was. It is a genuine care about each person that reports to them and they interact with. How they are doing, how their family and kids are doing. How is their mental health? What do they need that they are not asking for? What are their languages to show appreciation? Spending time getting to know each of them, and fostering that relationship in anyway possible. Being a leader is having a relationship (work appropriate) with each person because you care about them and want the absolute best for them.


The actions of every good leader are consistent. They not only direct those that report to them on what to do, but they show them and reenforce them with their consistent actions. This not only refers to on the job actions such as task work and expectations, but in more moral behaviors such as honesty, feedback, work ethic, and commitment to Company missions.

They are Organized. 

Leaders who take what they are doing seriously have some sense of organizational skill. They have to. It is required to keep your commitments to many people as well as to stay on top of your own job duties. Organization looks different on everyone, but all great leaders have systems in place that save them time, delegate appropriately, and make time for those around them.

They are Available. 

Remember what I said about creating that relationship with each employee and truly caring about them? Well in order to do that, you have to make time for your people. It is a priority to know what is going on and how you can help them succeed. Having an open door policy means more than simply keeping your office door open, it means being approachable when an employee needs something.

They Constantly Seek to Learn New Things

Any great manager/leader is dedicated to continuing to learn. There is no “Know it All” attitude, but instead they seek to constantly learn new things not only to better themselves personally and professionally, but to better the lives and capabilities of their employees as well.


Out of all of the investments you make into your business, few are as important as your employees. That’s why taking the time to correctly train your employees is crucial for your (and their!) success. Here at Gro HR, we know what it takes to create an training process that works. We have helped businesses in a variety of industries train their employees for long term growth and success. Our HR team is passionate about helping organizations like yours build the best team to aide in your success. Schedule a call with our team to see how Gro HR can offer you expert assistance with your training needs!




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