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Nashville human resource services understand how frustrating it can be when an employee is constantly calling to say that will not be attending work for the day. While some situations can’t be avoided, such as emergencies or sickness, it’s important to ensure that workers are not misusing your generosity. Regularly missing work can cause issues for the employee and the business.

At Gro HR Consulting, a leader of human resource services in Nashville, we want to help your small business thrive. We understand that your business won’t be able to perform at its best if employees are constantly missing work. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips for reducing absenteeism in the office.

Increase Your Workplace Flexibility

According to human resources consulting services in Nashville, one of the best ways to decrease absenteeism in the workplace is to be more flexible. This can be beneficial for everyone, specifically workers who are a parent or caregivers. Allowing your employees to work somewhere that isn’t in the office, or when it isn’t standard working hours, allows them to complete their work while balancing other responsibilities.

Encourage Employees to Take Care of Themselves

Nashville human resources consulting services believe that employees are less likely to show up for work if they are burnt out. That’s why it’s essential to encourage them to prioritize their mental, physical, and emotional health. Having well-rested employees and enjoying their job can help increase your workplace’s productivity.

Easy ways to encourage self-care are:

  • Lunchtime yoga routines
  • Mediation rooms
  • Team-building exercises
  • Office events

Nashville Human Resource Services

Encourage Employee Engagement

According to an HR consultant in Nashville, it’s important to encourage employee engagement so your workers will feel valued. This will help improve your business’s production and make employees want to come to work. Human resource experts suggest offering rewards for both major and minor milestones; you should also ensure that employees receive proper recognition for their work.

Check-In With Your Employees

HR consulting services in Nashville believe that the best way to reduce absenteeism in the office is to talk to your employees regularly. You should have a good idea of what is happening in their lives (if they want to tell you.) This will help you understand if they are going through a tough time.

Reaching out to your employees will also help them understand that you care. Experts believe that employees are more likely to go to work and enjoy it if they are someplace where they feel valued.


Absenteeism in the workplace can cause issues for both the employee and the business. That’s why it’s vital to reduce the number of times a worker calls in. Ensure that your employees are adequately engaged in their work and regularly check in, so they know that you care.

Nashville Human Resource Services

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