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You walk into your restaurant and hear “Boss, we can’t open, we don’t have a cook!”, to that you reply “Anthony is scheduled, where is he?”… Only to find out that Anthony is a no call no show, and was your only cook left that had not quit during the last three weeks. You got too busy with marketing for the upcoming dinner event that you forgot to look at the resumes that were on the job opening you posted online and to interview more cooks, and now, you’re cook-less.

You’re sitting in you’re office when all of a sudden from the near distance you hear “That’s it, I quit!”. You rush out of your office to find Sam, your top performer, packing up her personal items to leave for good. “Sam, what happened? Why are you wanting to quit?”, Sam replies “I have been here for six years…SIX YEARS…and I deal with the worst customers this business handles, and not once, not a single time, have I gotten a raise for all that I do here. I have asked three times, and every time someone tells me that they will get back to me. I am done. This last customer was the final straw”. *Sam walks out.* You later talk to the customer service supervisor who states that Sam had in fact asked for a raise, but it was never followed through with, no one ever valued her request.

You’re walking to the mailbox to grab your business’s mail when the post office woman grabs your attention “Miss, you have a certified letter that I need your signature for.” You sign the pad and take the letter and the mail from her. Curious, you open the letter, which you find is a notice from the IRS requesting payment for back-owed employee wage taxes. You thought for sure you had set your payroll up correctly, only to find out that you had not been filing your quarterly employee wage taxes for the last 18 months. You now owe thousands of dollars to the IRS. How will your business survive this mistake?

How will your business survive this mistake?

Your operations manager comes to you with some surprising news. “Ma’am, we have just received a report from an employee that claims sexual harassment.” Shocked, you ask for more details, only to find out that the Employee Handbook that you once desired to develop and the anti-harassment trainings that are required by state law were never created and never enforced. Are you supposed to fire the employee? How do you go about this? What could have been done to prevent this from happening?

“I didn’t think I needed someone specifically for human resources, I thought I could handle myself”. “I cannot afford a full time HR employee, nor do I have a full need for one right now with the current size of my business”. “Google told me to do this, but the IRS says otherwise”. “I am sorry, I don’t have time to handle interviews right now!”

Think you dont need hr

Unfortunately, cases like these happen in businesses of every size on almost a daily basis. As a business owner, you cannot be expected to know or to be able to handle every aspect of your business at every point in time successfully. Human Resources is a field that changes almost daily and requires attention by a HR professional. Human Resources initiatives should be preventative, not reactive. It is OK to ask for help, and to utilize the skillsets of others to help your business (and your employees) succeed. Any successful business owner will tell you – hiring, retaining, and managing the right talent is nearly as important to a business as making their customers happy. Your business can be successful, and it starts with your employees!

Human Resources initiatives should be preventative, not reactive.

Gró HR offers human resources consulting and outsourcing to help you prevent situations like the above, and more, from happening – and ensures that your employees, customers, and business grow!


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