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Politics has no place in the workplace. Government and business are two distinct entities. Government, in theory, is about service, consensus and serving the people. Business is about objectives, strategy and making money. While politics may be a topic that is actively happening and discussed around us, it has little benefit to be discussed in the workplace.

As a business owner or manager it is important to create an inclusive atmosphere, and that could mean setting standards of what is and is not acceptable to discuss in the workplace.

1. Focus on Why You are at Work.

Businesses don’t work if people aren’t doing their jobs. Focusing on why you are there and what is at hand is a great way to stay focused and avoid political gossip.

2. Trust Your Co-Workers to get their Jobs Done.

Business is built on trust and accountability. Everyone needs to know their role, the importance of their contribution to the greater organization, and how discrete tasks work together to create quality products and services and help a business grow. It is human nature to be competitive and to call attention to your own accomplishments (and you should.) The dirty dark side to that is the tendency to call attention to those who aren’t performing.



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