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Dallas human resource services understand that the rules and regulations of the work world are constantly changing. It’s essential to stay up-to-date and change with the world when necessary. You should always have a well-written and updated employee handbook filled with your business’s policies.


At Gro HR Consulting, one of the top human resource services in Dallas, we want to help your small business thrive. It’s important to create policies that work best for your business. Every business should have the basic policies; however, some unique policies might work best for your business. We’ve compiled a list of unique and required policies for your business to consider.

Family Leave Policy 

Human resources consulting services in Dallas suggest having a generous family leave policy. Federal laws require a business to provide expecting mothers and fathers with family leave. However, some businesses are notorious for not providing enough time or resources. Human resources experts suggest looking at federal and state regulations before creating your family leave policy.

Accommodations Policy

Federal law also requires your business to provide accommodations for disabled individuals. According to Dallas human resources consulting services, the ADA requires that any business with fifteen or more employees has to provide accommodations so workers can perform their job.

Dallas Human Resource Services

Severe Weather and Disaster Policy

An HR consultant in Dallas might suggest creating a severe weather policy just in case bad weather rolls through. Your business’s severe weather policy should include information on what happens if you cannot access the office or the office is destroyed. You should account for natural disasters like a blizzard or a tornado and artificial disasters like a fire.

Remote Workers Policy

The pandemic has permanently changed the work world; many employees now work remotely. It’s common to have employees that never come into the office, so you should have a policy that outlines your expectations. You should include what tasks should be completed daily and their limitations. You should also cover what will happen if an employee has internet problems.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

HR consulting services in Dallas encourage having a detailed policy covering drug and alcohol usage and their effect on the workplace. Laws on these topics can vary from state to state, so it’s important to research before creating your business’s standards. Information to consider adding to this policy includes:


  • Prohibiting selling and using drugs at work
  • Prohibiting selling and drinking alcohol at work
  • Any information on drug tests


It’s important to have a detailed record of all of your business’s policies and have them accessible at all times. These policies should be where you turn to during a disagreement or legal issue in the workplace.

Dallas Human Resource Services

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