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Everyone, and I mean everyone, is waiting for businesses to reopen and life to start back towards what we used to know as “normal”. As of right now, the U.S alone has seen a dramatic increase since February of 2020 in the forms of furlough, permanent layoffs, closures, and reduced hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers are hungry for work, have freshened up their resumes, have taken necessary rest time to increase intrinsic motivation and are ready to be the best they can be when doors open again.

What does this mean for you as an employer? Get ready.

Get ready to hire.

Update your job descriptions.

Update your employee handbook.

Don’t have a formal onboarding or culture training? Now is the time to develop that.

Employees will have options to choose from when businesses reopen, and will be ready to start as soon as possible. The best way that you can ensure that these new employees succeed in your company both short and long term is to be as prepared as possible.

Figure Out What the Future Looks like for Your Company.

Before you decide to hire, know exactly what changes have occurred in your strategic plan for the company and how that will directly affect employees and your consumers moving forward. Identify if the same positions will be needed to meet new demands, if extra will be needed, or if these positions need to go back to the drawing board for re-classification. Ask yourself-

  • Is the role critical?
  • How does the role affect the organization’s strategy?
  • Does the role require special skills or expertise?
  • Who is this role serving?

Reach Out for Help

Uncertainty calls for more than one opinion. Reach out to your HR professional (or Gro Consulting is here to help you if you do not have one!) to get a second opinion on the changes that are coming, the new strategies you have identified, how to stay in compliance with these changes, and more. You are not expected to know everything, and we are here to help you identify what you are missing so you come back from the pandemic stronger than ever.

HR partners will also be able to identify where HR processes can be streamlined to create a faster and more efficient way of hiring and retaining new and existing talent.

Update your HRIS and Recruitment Technology

  • Create a designated recruitment or careers page on your website if you do not have one already
  • Add customer relationship management software to maintain and engage your talent pipeline.
  • Update your HRIS to one that will fit your updated needs
  • Ensure compliance with easy automatic onboarding and off boarding task assignments

Remain Transparent

Communication with current employees and employee prospects is key. Identify which management will be responsible for which communication points during the recruitment and onboarding process. Communicate transparently with applicants and inform them what is happening with their applications to avoid losing desired talent.

Look Inside your Company

Having a hard time finding an applicant that has the specific requirements that you need for a newly defined position? Look inside your current employee list and identify those that have those requirements or transferrable skills that will only require some additional internal training to meet the needs of the new role.

You might also find what you need in retired employees. Retired personnel may be open to returning to the workforce during these times.

Act Fast

Once you jump-start the hiring process, move quickly to extend offers, perform necessary pre-employment verifications, and get their commitment after you’ve identified the right candidate. There will be plenty of opportunities for applicants, make sure they choose you!


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