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Often times when the subject of exit interviews is mentioned to any leader in business, the response is generally one of discomfort and/or one of lack of understanding. However, there is a lot of value in gathering and evaluating feedback that comes from these circumstances.

Some questions we hear are:

Why would we want to talk to a previous employee once they have left or we let them go? 

Why would we want to dig up, at times, dramatic topics?

Why would would we value their biased feedback? 

An exit interview is no different than collecting real time feedback from customers or clients, it just has to do with someone who knew your company a little more intimately than a client or customer does. Their feedback is still valuable.

Why is Exit Interview Information Valuable? 

This information should be used to improve internal structure

    1. Do you have adequate training for employees?
    2. Do you have undiscovered issues with management or other employees?
    3. Is your work-life balance livable long term?
    4. Do you have a solid total compensation structure in comparison with others

“If your insides aren’t stable, then your outside will surely crumble”

This information helps you predict upcoming hiring needs. How many people are you having turnover during any period of time?

This information helps you determine if you are really recruiting for who really works for you. Are they the “Right Person, Right Seat”?

Tips on Performing Exit Interviews

  1. This isn’t a time to re-hash drama. Create a comfortable environment.
  2. Come to the interview with a set list of questions.
  3. LISTEN, and be open to other opinions than your own.
  4. Distill anxiety that a previous employee might have (this information is confidential, and for information purposes only).
  5. Have someone that was not closely involved with the end of employment perform the interview


Out of all of the investments you make into your business, few are as important as your employees. That’s why taking the time to evaluate why employees are leaving or their employment is not working for you business is crucial for long term business and employee success. Here at Gro HR, we know what it takes to create an effective Exit Interview process. Our HR team is passionate about helping organizations like yours build the best team to aide in your success. Schedule a call with our team to see how Gro HR can offer you expert assistance with your needs!







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