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Unless new employees are required to wear a specifically colored vest, it can be hard to tell which employees are new and in need of a friendly conversation. Sometimes, you can tell when you see the frustration on someone’s face when they get lost, are running late, or can’t find the breakroom. Understanding the feelings that a new hire goes through during their onboarding period helps you to develop a great and long lasting first impression. “It might be tempting to assume that onboarding just happens, but 30% of job seekers have left a job within the first 90 days” ². Onboarding programs are designed to ensure a smooth start for all new employees and for their managers.

Have a Plan:

  • Review Documents – During orientation, important business and payroll documents such as the Federal I-9, Federal and State W4’s, the Employee Handbook, and benefit paperwork are filled out.
  • Designate a Mentor- New employees receive a lot of information and take a lot in regarding their surroundings during their first months. Establish a designated Mentor for your new employee’s first few weeks.
  • Give a Building/Resource Tour
  • Show them Your Culture – Creating a healthy first impression can be as simple as a friendly note from a manager or welcome notes from their new teammates¹. Other suggestions are to invite them for lunch, play a teambuilding game, or show them some fun workplace rituals!

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