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According to an employment agency in Cedar Rapids, employee surveys are a great way to understand how your employees are doing. It’s essential to get feedback and implement a strategy to change any issues workers are facing.


At Gro HR Consulting, a leading Cedar Rapids HR agency, we want to help you create a business where both you and your employees thrive. That’s why HR experts suggest using employee surveys to get feedback. We’ve compiled a list of popular surveys and their benefits.

Learning and Development Survey

Recruitment services in Cedar Rapids suggest using a learning and development survey when they are attending a learning event. This is commonly used at events such as seminars and technical fairs. This is a great tool to find out if the training was worth the time and what information participants actually learned.

Candidate Experience Survey

According to an HR agency in Cedar Rapids, this survey should be given to any job candidates going through the hiring process. This is an excellent tool to see what is and isn’t working for your business. You should ask questions like, “what is one thing we could do better?” and “what aspect of our hiring process stood out to you?”

Employment Agency In Cedar Rapids

Employee Engagement

Experts of Cedar Rapids human resource services suggest using an employee engagement survey to gauge how happy your employees are with their jobs. It’s suggested that you give this survey at least twice a year, so you can make regular adjustments if needed.

Ad Hoc Survey

An ad hoc survey covers a specific topic and is designed to receive quick feedback. This type of survey works great for getting feedback and is typically used for design work. For example, it can be used to get feedback on a new logo or t-shirt design. This survey not only provides quick feedback but allows all employees to feel included. This can help improve office morale and production.

Exit Survey

Human resource services in Cedar Rapids suggest asking your employees that are leaving to complete a survey. It should include questions like, “what made you want to leave our company?” and “what do you wish we did better?” It’s important to take this data and make necessary adjustments.


Surveys are a great way to see what is working well for your business and where you can improve. HR experts suggest giving surveys to your new hires, existing employees, and even people that are leaving. Your surveys can cover multiple topics, including employee satisfaction. This information can be used to make your business even better and more productive.

Employment Agency In Cedar Rapids

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