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January 12

What is Employee Engagement? Employee engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an […]

January 04

In any business, strategic planning is crucial to both its short and long-term success. When a plan is in place, […]

December 21

At Gro HR, we value the communication with all employees within the businesses that we serve, as well as value […]

December 16

On November 30th, 2020, California’s Department of Industrial Relations Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board passed a mandatory safety order […]

December 13

Employee Appreciation At Gro HR, one of the top concerns that we hear from our clients is that they feel […]

December 13

In all businesses, there are legal practices that must be known and followed in order to remain in compliance. For […]

October 22

As an experienced and seasoned HR professional, you can rest assured that I have seen almost everything. As much as […]

October 22

Any environment that revolves around a team of individuals will require a concept called Team Work. I can already see […]

October 22

Starting your own company can be (and is) overwhelming, and I speak from personal experience. You have high expectations for […]


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