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September 22

If you run a small Kansas City business, you might find it challenging to offer your employees a full range […]

September 15

Expanding your small business is an exciting time. However, now you’re faced with the issue of hiring new employees. If […]

September 08

Gro HR Consulting is a leader for human resource services in Kansas City, so we understand how important your business […]

September 01

Expanding your small business is an exciting time, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Many new small business owners […]

April 28

Internship season is upon us, and as small-medium sized businesses, there are plenty of great things that new students can […]

April 28

Good Boss, Bad Boss. Manager or Leader? These are terms that are exchanged quite often when individuals reflect on their […]

March 22

Training is vital for the growth and success of every organization. It is profitable for both the employers and employees […]

March 22

Often times when the subject of exit interviews is mentioned to any leader in business, the response is generally one […]

March 08

Historically, Paid Time Off Policies have been used primarily to manage time off for things like vacation, medical, and family […]


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