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As a small to medium sized business, offering a full range of benefits with your current profit margins may not be in the cards quite yet. Even though you may not be able to offer rave worthy medical, dental, and vision plans – there are still plenty of perks and benefits that you can offer your employees that will attract and retain quality employees.

There are unlimited ways you can add perks and benefits to your workplace. By evaluating your employees and the type of work that they do, you can find benefits that your team will actually care about and take advantage of (and to cancel the ones that they don’t care about), to offer a set of ideal benefits that both meets their needs and your budget.

Here are some ideas that you should look into to incentivize your current staff, and to entice new employees:

Tangible Perks:

  1. Employee Recognition: Reserve a spot in the parking lot for your employee of the month or highlight personal and business accomplishments in the company’s newsletter.
  2. Greater Responsibilities: Believe it or not, many employees enjoy being trusted to work on more challenging projects. Offer them ways to grow and learn on the job.
  3. Increased Flexibility: Give employees the option to adjust their work schedules or work remotely.
  4. Business Travel: For some employees, being given the opportunity to represent the business at a trade show or small business conference is a great perk.

Intangible Perks

  1. Greater Job Satisfaction: Ask employees what skills or tools they need to do their jobs well, and help them get those things. This could mean new software or the opportunity to participate in a relevant continuing education course.
  2. Respect from Supervisors: Respect and care for employees is something that small businesses can do better than big businesses.
  3. Clear Communication: Remember that the lines of communication run both ways. Listen to your employees and don’t be dismissive of new ideas or complaints.
  4. Relaxed Work Environment: A laid-back work environment is another perk that employees are looking for. Casual dress is a great incentive, and not micromanaging employees can go a long way in creating a highly desired work environment.

Fun and Affordable Perks:

  1. Break Room Games: Got the space for a ping-pong or foosball table in the break room? Games are a great way to build relationships with employees and help them de-stress after a hard day.
  2. Food: Bring in breakfast or lunch once a week or once a month to show your appreciation for a job well done.
  3. Schedule a Day Out Together: If your office hours are flexible enough to allow it, buy everyone tickets and let all of your employees play hooky for a few hours. Catch the latest blockbuster movie or play a few holes at the local putt-putt golf course.
  4. Health and Wellness Programs: A great way to incentivize healthy choices such as fitness and healthy food choices is to offer a monthly gym reimbursement. Reach out to local gyms and check for partnership opportunities to pay them directly for your employee’s membership! Maybe even schedule a time to head to a yoga class together!

Depending on the nature and the location of your business, there may be additional ways that you can incentivize you staff. Keep an open mind, stay employee focused, and remember to show appreciation to their dedication to your business!


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